Thursday, December 2, 2010

Episode Discussion: The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

Feel free to discuss the episode here !


  1. i don't know what to think, guys. i don't know. that seems to be my theme for season six. i just don't know.
    the case was ok, the science fun, i really hate daisy, there wasn't enough hodgins.
    the personal stuff...ED continues to blow me away with her acting, there literally aren't words for how amazing she's been this season. i was a little sick to my stomach over the idea that Parker and Hannah might get along, even had nightmares about it, but by the end of the episode i was ok, because Hannah's a flash in Parker's pan, and am i the only one who noticed that she'd just said she was taking him for ice-cream and Booth seemed a little shocked that they'd gone to the zoo? anyway, it seems clear that Parker still likes Brennan best and that's what i care about.
    but maybe i'm reacting most to the promo for next week. *sigh* it's even more 'i don't know' than everything else. on the one hand, sure i want Brennan to confess that she's in love with Booth. but...but...i'm still not certain she is. and even if she is, it seems like the most inopportune time to say it.
    it's a great f-ing show, because i'm going to be sick to my stomach with worry and completely obsessing about it for the next seven days.

  2. erin you made some great observations this week. i too don't really know what i thought about this week's episode. i completely agree that there definitely needed to be more Hodgins. i wish there were more Hodgins/Angela baby stuff going on. i too was not sure how i felt about Hannah and Parker. i was in the end kind of glad they got along but it killed me to see Brennan's sad glances in this when Booth told her Parker liked Hannah. that being said i am really glad Parker kept saying how cool Bones was,etc. he definitely likes her. which is great! with regards to next week's episode. three words...Oh My God! that promo was intense. i, like you am going to be obsessing about all of this until next week!

  3. i think my favorite was Brennan offering her pool to the three of them, can we all say "dagger through the heart"?
    i guess, re: next week, i'm just terrified that they're going to leave us hanging and emotionally broken over the christmas holiday. or at least that's what it looks like to me. i'm a little too obsessed with this show, and i will have trouble celebrating when my beloved Brennan is hurting.

  4. erin,

    i hope they don't leave us emotionally broken over the holiday either! although i would've hated if they had shown us the preview for "The Doctor in the Photo" only to have it show after the holiday break. i would have been more broken over having to wait all of break to find out what was going to happen!

  5. you're totally right, rachel, you're totally right, waiting would've been much worse. i hope. *sick grin*
    (like everyone else) i think i've watched the promo about fifty times, though, and i just don't see a happy way out for them yet. sure, sure, i'm jumping to conclusions, the exact conclusions the writers want us to jump to, but jumping nonetheless. lol, it's _unnatural_ the hold this show has over me. "hope and patience", right?

  6. I felt like they have really set Brennen up to have nothing everyone likes Hannah(all the other characters I thought for sure Parker would never warm up to Hannah, when he did I thought Brennen sees herself on the outside looking in. I just can't figure out how it will resolve Bones has to end up with Booth or my life is over. I can't help thinking the whole Booth and Hannah seems too perfectly matched. I love this show way too much

  7. I wish I could see the promo... *sigh* I am Canadian

  8. Tanya--
    it should be on youtube,can you not access?
    or search "bones the doctor in the photo", that should get you there.
    think it's also up on, or has it embedded, and it'll be up here soon.

  9. I tried youtube yesterday, and couldn't find the vid. And, Fox tells me that “the video I'm trying to watch cannot be viewed from my current country.” (For some videos at least.)
    However, I happened upon a link in a fanfic (of all places), and finally saw it. Thanks anyway!
    It looks promising!