Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bones Spoilers

“There will be a proposal coming, probably during February Sweeps,” he tells us. “It is my mission to torture the fans with this one. There will be a proposal. It will be a real proposal. And it will move things forward in a way that I think the fans will like.” Which couple is it? Nathan wouldn’t rule anyone out for us, except for Hodgins and Angela, obviously, since they’re already wed. Could it be Sweets and Daisy, who got back together last week after remembering that along with sex, they have a love of Saved By the Bell in common? They ended up being last season’s much-teased marriage proposal, so that could be a bit anticlimactic. Could it be Cam and Paul (Elon Gold), who Nathan tells us will reenter the picture in the Feb. 3 episode? “They’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship,” he says. “Both of them being so incredibly busy, and him being an OB/GYN, he’s just called away all the time whenever they make a date because somebody’s going into labor. They have to make sense out of that part of their relationship.”

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  1. Oh, WOW!!! I hope it'll be Brennan and Booth because... well, do I really need to explain?

    I feel like it won't be Sweets and Daisy because, as you said, it would be rather anti-climactic... and the description of Cam's relationship with the doc makes me think it won't be them either, unless they see getting married as a way to make sure they see each other...

    Perhaps, it will be Booth and HANNAH... and the moving forward that we'll like is that it won't work out, which will push Booth towards Brennan, once again, right back where he belongs.


  2. Both are looking gorgeous in this photo. They are well talented and most favorite characters from the Bones Television Series.