Thursday, November 18, 2010

Episode Discussion: The Babe in the Bar

Feel free to discuss tonight's episode here :)


  1. i thought the episode was cute until the end. i was really disappointed that booth ditched his friends to go have sex with hannah. it didn't resemble the booth i know and love and it really sucks.

  2. The way Booth blew off meeting everyone to be with Hannah had to have some significants. It was just way too cold and he has always joned in even when Zach got his doctorate

  3. a friend of mine on twitter posed this thought. what if booth isn't ready to deal with the fact that him and bones aren't having that baby anymore? i mean that issue never really was resolved because he had the brain tumor and everything. just a thought...

  4. i dunno. i really liked the episode. the spy nonsense. Brennan, Cam, VNM!, Hodgela, gross body, etc. i thought it was fun, i liked it even though i was spoiled that the last five minutes were disappointing.
    it's gotten to the point where i don't even care about this Booth. i completely understand why he's doing what he's doing. in fact, i salute him because i would not be able to work with someone that (i perceived) rejected me. but i can't follow it. i can't care about him like this. and...i kind of love watching them (B&B) switch personae...except...Booth doesn't wear Brennan as well as Brennan wears Booth.
    i wasn't hurt or disgusted by Booth wanting to have sex with Hannah instead of supporting his friends, i just *did* *not* *care*. even if i understand his motives, i don't recognize him, and as a stranger, i'm not giving him another piece of my heart to break.

  5. I liked this episode, but it will be a long time before I can eat raspberry-filled chocolate again.

    I agree with Erin that Booth and Brennan's role-switching is interesting to watch, but Booth doesn't "wear" Brennan as well as she does him. :)

  6. i like your remark on Booth and Bones switching rolls. very interesting to look at them in that way. looking at their new roles i completely agree with you erin. Bones is definitely doing a better job taking on the role of Booth than the other way around!

  7. thanks Melissa and rachel! god, i love the Bones community!
    it's not really surprising to me, honestly, how well Brennan is doing, wearing Booth. she's been learning from him for 6 years. he's the only human being she trusts implicitly, and *because* she trusts him implicitly, i see and understand where the pain and angst are coming from. he says he's happy, she believes and wants that for him. she believes she can facilitate that, despite her own pain.
    with Booth, i will admit, i have more trouble. i'm a total many of his actions make absolutely no sense to me in the moment, even if i can later look at them logically. *my* problem is that while i want to see Booth happy, i hate to see Brennan hurt more. and emotional distance and cutting remarks make sense to me, coming from her...but for 6 years, we've been taught that Booth is the empath, and so to watch him be so callus, even understanding where he's coming from, hurts *so* much that i have difficulty reconciling this man with the one i've loved for so long.
    again, i'm not hating on him, and i completely understand where he's coming from...but...i just have to say..."i don't know what that means." i know that it will all make sense and i believe i will love the writers even more than i already do by the end of this...*sigh* but getting through it is going to be tough. which, of course, will make it more worth it in the end. but it hurts. it hurts. it hurts so good. i want Hannah to end, but at the same time i don't. i want B&B together, but at the same time i don't. they still have so much to learn from each other.
    sometimes i wonder about their "love". Brennan still doesn't know what it means, and i get the feeling, occasionally, that neither does Booth. that they're both so entrenched in their own world-views they don't, can't admit that another might be viable yet. does that make sense? don't get me wrong, they're totally MFEO, but, as much as i hate to admit it, they've *both* still got so far to go.
    i think the thing that's struck me the most this season is Brennan's constant touching of Booth. i know what that means, but i wonder if either of them do. also, that she hasn't called him out on his treatment of her. does she think she deserves it? i'd buy that. and, ouch, i want to see more of it.
    p.s. sorry about the length. sometimes i get so caught

  8. here's a question, though. i firmly believe that the writers are doing the switcheroo on purpose, and i can see the cracks in Booth's armor, have been able to since 6x01, ditto with Brennan. who do you think will crack first? i have to go with Brennan, but i'd love to hear arguments to the contrary.

  9. so Booth is abandoning Brennan slowly right? not going out any more, not being around as a friend, and now abandoning her family for a good rump in the sheets? pfff


    which episode will ED be directing? i hope it's not the one with the proposal...

  10. I was really disappointed by Booth's behaviour at the end of this episode, regardless of his motivations. You don't ditch an event you know is so important to close friends for sex. You can have sex any time; your closest friends are not going to announce they're bringing a child into the world every day. If he doesn't want to spend time with Brennan after her rejection of him, I'm sorry but he just has to get over it. That night was not about him, or Brennan, it was about Hodgins and Angela. Booth should have known that, and I would have expected better from him. I was really very disappointed :-/