Thursday, November 11, 2010

Episode Discussion: The Shallow in the Deep

Feel free to discuss the new episode here :)


  1. I was a huge fan of this episode. I was glad to see Cam got somewhat of a storyline in this episode, that has definitely been lacking in the writing. I think I would've liked to see that storyline develop more, maybe Cam could've opened up about her ancestors to Angela or something. The Cougar Cruise was quite fun to watch as Booth showed his jealous side a bit when Bones was flirting with that kid. I like that Sweets and Daisy have decided to work things out, I always liked them together.

  2. I think this has been my favorite episode of season 6 so far. Although I don't know what's up with the Booth getting old storyline...

  3. i dunno, i definitely enjoyed this episode. it was a throwback and comfortable and nice and weighty at the same time. Brennan was, again, hilarious. Cam was _amazing_, so subtle and poignant (very nice to see her get to play something other than the straight man for once). Hodgins is forever king of the lab. i love artist!Angela. it goes without saying that every episode without Hannah is better than every episode with...
    but, i really don't know, something felt off to me and i can't put my finger on what.
    it's funny, the 'net reactions are at opposite ends of the spectrum, either people think it's the best episode so far or the worst and i find myself planted right in the middle of the continuum.
    maybe it's because it *was* comfortable and throwback. it felt like Bones-of-old and i'd finally gotten used to the "things have to change" idea. i dunno.

  4. I liked the episode in general, but please; don't force us (or indeed me) to suffer any more of Daisy. Sweets deserves so much better, and I am *so* sick of her. She's self-absorbed and such a shallow character... she makes me want to switch channels every time she comes on.

    That said, I really liked the slaveship storyline in general. I did think that inserting the possibility of one of the victims being Cam's great-grandmother was somewhat far-fetched/contrived, but nonetheless touching. And I did like watching how it affected Cam. I really like her character, and I enjoy feeling like the audience is "getting to know" her more.