Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Promo - The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

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  1. Melting bones? AWESOME! I'm so there ;)

    As for Brennan revealing her feelings,
    1) I can't believe the promo said she has FEELINGS for Booth!!! I'm so happy to finally hear that out loud, from someone not involved in the Jeffersonian or a huge fan of the show. A neutral source. If they're saying it, it confirms it, and that is spectacular! I KNEW she wouldn't give up on him, and I FELT she wasn't, but I feared that maybe I was mistaken...
    2) I wish so deeply that she would (and from the look on her face, she seems to be near the breaking-point) but it won't be this episode. I can feel it.

    Thank you for posting this!!! :)