Thursday, November 4, 2010

Episode Discussion: The Bones That Weren't

Feel free to discuss the episode here :)


  1. is it just me, or was Brennan overwhelmingly hilarious tonight? i mean, she's usually pretty funny, but tonight it seemed like every other line made me crack up.
    the case was meh. i wish i'd cared about the victim. the science was fantastic.
    IMO there was too much character stuff (read: Hannah). i think i've finally jumped 'ship. never thought i would. i see how they're using HB, i get it, i bow down to it, it makes total sense... but her scenes are *so* boring i don't even care that she's dating Booth.

  2. what do you mean you've finally jumped 'ship? and how do you think they're using HB?

  3. This episode was a disappointment from the soap-like beginning domestic scene between Booth and Hannah to the cheesy end scene between Hannah and Brennan. And why are we repeatedly told about the hiatus suffered by the revolving interns from forensics? That line is getting really boring now.

    The case didn't inspire any emotion in me--not when you compare with the girl in Stargazer in a Puddle, the little boy who opened up to Brennan about who abducted his foster brother, the hearing-impaired boy who wanted to do the right thing and ended up dead, the 'leprechaun' in love with his brother's wife and who wanted to start a new life with her -- these were real victims and cases. In TBTW, there was no character build-up for the young man who was killed, so why would we care about him?

    The disappeared bones were also a stretch, as was the laser machine that constructed a skeleton out of an image. The Angelator was so much better--why was it dropped from the show?

    The Hannah arc: Giving Booth a love interest is one thing but making it so contrived is absurd. There is no real chemistry between B&H, which means we don't really care if she gets shot or not. (Apparently neither does Booth--his reaction is lukewarm at the very best--remember how he reacted when Brennan was knifed in Harbingers?)

    The last scene was the worst. It's obvious Booth is being set up to choose between two alpha females (dare I say alpha-twins?) and instead of the will-they-won't-they question we will now be beaten over the head with the who-will-he-choose dilemma for the rest of the season. So predictable, and so disappointing. And what's really sad is that they are making Brennan do things that are totally out of character for her.

    The only saving grace for me was the scene in the hospital when Booth thanked Brennan for diagnosing Hannah's condition correctly--that look was pure vintage "Bones". Can S6 bring back some of this magic? Sadly, I doubt it. Perhaps this show should not have been renewed for another season.

  4. Hi Jessica--
    by 'jumped 'ship' i mean i am no longer completely certain that B&B are MFEO. i know the writers believe that and when we finally get to that point on the show i'm sure i will happily follow them down that path, but for the now, i think both Booth and Brennan need to be separated romantically.
    as to how HB is being used (and by 'used' i mean by the writers): she's a foil for Brennan. perhaps for the audience, perhaps for Brennan herself. she's there to show Brennan what she's missing, even if Brennan isn't aware that's what she wants. she's being set up as everything Brennan could be except...not...quite as perfect because she's *not* Brennan. does that make sense? i also think she's being used as a way for Brennan to prove exactly how much she loves Booth, what she's willing to do/sacrifice for his happiness, even though, IMO, she does not believe she's in love with Booth just yet. totally not spoiling for a fight, just stating opinion.

  5. I still love the show. I am happy that this season is adding some complexity. Love isn't easy. It would have been so trite for them to start season 6 with B&B together. I am happy that they are taking it super slow and working through the complexities that make the characters. Bones has to make herself vulnerable, and I can't wait to see her do it. The average person doesn't easily make themselves vulnerable. For a genius like Brennan, who does not like to be vulnerable or helpless, the writters should show that it is even more difficult. I'm happy that they brought in the H&B angle. Yes, I'm gonna go deep . . . It proves a point. To be happy, sometimes we have to make ourselves vulnerable and open ourselves up to love. Otherwise, you may miss that opportunity. Take chances. Don't overthink everything. [insert other cliches as necessary]. I don't think she's missed her chance, but she better not miss the next one. I truly love the writing for this show.

    That said, I share pretty much everyone's sentiments about Hannah. I like her, but she's no Bones. I felt guilty when she got shot because part of me was like YES! Then, I was like that's too easy, and then I was like Boo! I just said "Yes" to a carachter potentially being shot and killed.

    Them's my thoughts . . . (This is the first time I've added my two cents to a blog. Don't beat me up too much.) = )

  6. Like Hannah? Ugh. I can't stand her. I was glad when she was shot. And I agree with erin that she's really very boring.

    Yes, Brennan had some funny moments, but I really didn't like this episode; I think it was my least favorite EVER. I actually checked periodically throughout to see how much time was left... and that's something I've never done before during Bones and never wanted to do!

    Anyway, most of this is on my blog... but I'm just so disappointed.

  7. I had mixed feelings about this episode. I like the idea of Booth having a love interest but I am really not seeing the chemistry between the characters. I don't know if it's the acting or just feels forced/awkward between Hannah and Booth. The Hannah character in general is really starting to annoy me as well. She is VERY outspoken, for example can you please tell me the point of the "gift bringing" scene at the end with Bones and Hannah? I felt that whole scene awkward and just plain unnecessary. I mean yes we got to see Bones interacting one on one with Hannah, but I felt it really didn't need to be in the episode.

    So here's what I did like about the episode....I loved that Bones and Sweets were actually in agreement about something when talking to Booth about Hannah (this doesn't happen often). I thought the scene where Bones was cutting around Hodgens with a box cutter was quite funny.

    Side note: Given that David Boreanaz is a pop lock dancer himself, I thought it would've been great to have his character interact with the street performers doing his own little pop lock dance.