Monday, October 18, 2010

Ask Matt

Question: Is it time for us Bones fans to give up on Eric Milligan making a return as our favorite serial killer's apprentice? I'm still holding a grudge against the show for treating him and us so thoughtlessly with that outrageous story line. Can't say I'm thrilled with Booth's new lover, either. If she must stay around, it seems only fair to bring back Sully for Bones. — PL

Matt Roush: Not sure if a Sully comeback is in the cards, since that actor is currently occupied guarding the secrets of Warehouse 13. And how much am I not surprised to get annoyed mail about Booth's new squeeze. Talk about a thankless task. Regarding Eric Milligan and Zack, it really is time to let that one go, isn't it?. I wasn't crazy about how all of that was handled, either, but I have become kind of attached to some of the assistant squints on the rotation (much as I enjoyed the parade of secretaries on Murphy Brown back in the day), so I can now see the wisdom in shaking up that part of the show. Still, it seems to me that if the writers come up with another story that allows them to bring Zack back in for a guest spot, they'd do it, but sparingly.



  1. And yet...AND YET...we still get ridiculously teasing things like Hart Hanson tweeting a few months ago raving about wanting to bring Eric back...hmph.


  2. grrr! i want my zackaroni!!! ;) but :(