Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emily Deschanel Supports World Go Vegan Week

t’s no surprise to us that Bones actress Emily Deschanel is speaking up in support of World Go Vegan Week — an initiative started by the nonprofit group In Defense of Animals.

Deschanel has been an outspoken vegan for many years and regularly discusses the health, environmental and animal welfare issues behind a plant-based diet.

“The 5th annual World Go Vegan Week is taking place this year from October 24th through 31st,” said Deschanel. “This week is a celebration of compassion and a time to take action for animals, the environment and everyone’s well-being. A plant-based diet not only improves your health, it significantly reduces your carbon footprint and preserves resources for future generations. So please join me in creating a healthy future and go vegan for World Go Vegan Week.”



  1. Hi Anna--just discovered the blog. I was an OWB fan and am thrilled to have a new site for all things BONES! Thanks so much for taking on the mantle!

  2. Thanks so much Carrie. I am really glad you like it and I'll be sure to update it regularly :)

  3. Emily is just a fantastic and adorable woman. So happy to read she tries to protect animals =) I'm not a veg but who knows? Maybe someday...