Friday, October 1, 2010

REVIEW : The Couple In The Cave

If you still haven't seen this week's episode, please don't read the next part.

The Couple in the Cave:
A couple, lost while hiking — and bickering about it – find shelter in a nearby cave when it begins to rain. Cut to present day: Inside the cave are two skeletons and Booth and Brennan are brought in to determine the cause of death. They team up with a local park ranger who identifies with Booth’s military background, and immediately, they determine that it looks like the two skeletons were locked in a romantic embrace. Brennan finds it hard to compartmentalize their work from Booth’s personal life and begins comparing the death of the couple to Booth’s relationship with Hannah. This continues over the course of the episode as Booth and Brennan work with the team to solve the case.

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