Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bones Scoop

I just read that Enrico Colantoni (love him on ‘Flashpoint’!) is going to guest star on ‘Bones,’ and that the episode will have significance to Brennan. Inquiring minds would like to know more, please. – Andrea via Facebook

I too was happy to see Enrico book this role, because it’s a great one. He’ll be playing a Jeffersonian security guard in Episode 8, titled “The Doctor In The Photo.” This is a “special” outing told almost exclusively from Brennan’s point of view, and as such it’s a very cool character study. Enrico’s character happens to listen in on each and every heady lecture given at the Jeffersonian, so he has a lot to say and share with Temp as she puts in overtime with a corpse who, rather confusingly, “talks” to her. (P.S. The guard is named Micah Leggat, which I am convinced is an anagram. Best I can come up with is “The Magic Gal,” which could be a nod to the “talking” deceased.) And hey, a second ‘Veronica Mars‘ alum is in this ep: Francis “Weevil” Capra will play Rhino, a gang member suspected of murder.

Source: http://www.fancast.com/blogs/2010/tv-news/the-big-tease-scoop-on-bones-greys-vampire-diaries-and-more/

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  1. Love Veronica Mars and exicted to see some alums show up on Bones. The ep sounds interesting.