Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hey guys,

Its feedback time. As you all know, this is a new blog and so I wanna make sure I am putting up info that everyone wants to see.

In the comments area, let me know what I am doing right/wrong, what you want me to post,etc.

Thanks ! I really appreciate this and I hope that this can be a blog that all Bones fans can turn to :)

- Anna


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  2. I asked you for a discussion post of the new episodes, and after I looked to your previous posts I saw that you do have one! Sorry, I guess what you need is to get more of the Bones community to check out your Blog.
    You're doing great! Don't know what else you could include... maybe links to the episode reviews in other websites like Obsessed with Bones used to have?

  3. I love the site, keep up the good blogs! Please follow my bones site as well :)

  4. the videos don't have to be as large... then you can see more blog while scrolling down on one page.

    i check out multiple bones blogs because i'm such an addict so the most exhaustive ones and the ones with lots of polls and discussions are my faves. its a lot of work to be exhaustive but even reporting on tweets by HH & co. is fun to read about!