Thursday, October 7, 2010

Episode Discussion: The Maggots in the Meathead

Hey guys,

Feel free to discuss the episode here ! :)


  1. hey!! i'll be the first to say somthing!
    as i'm from Australia and have to stream the video, i may have missed a bit, cos it kept stuffing up, but personally i liked it, altho there are a few mixed feelings...
    i didn't like the case, no1. i found brennan's action cringe worthy (she was hilarious, and emily deschanel is amazingly good, but still cringe worthy) and no2. there was like no forensics! ther has hardly been any forensics so far this season... i really hope they have one of those case centred eps soon..
    but then on the whole i think i really enjoyed it as i loved the personal stuff!!! the last few episodes have been SO awkward between B&B (not because of hannah, well yes because of her but only because of booth's attitude towards her, but hannah herself is nice, actually i quite like her).. this episode however felt a little bit more at home, Booth was standing up for her Brennan again and wasnt treating her as a complete freak like it feels he has... and i LOVED the whole present buying thing, and the way Brennan new what Booth wanted, without even having to think about it, she just knew (just like he knew her passwords), i think it just shows how much she actually does like him, and the way he said "i'll see you tomorrow" to her at the end, makes us know that he knows she likes him as well (plus the awkward look on her face wen Hannah and Booth are kissing, she can now realise that the situation is awkward! good on her!)
    Also, i love how everyone knows Angela is pregnant now, but Hodgins doesnt know they know, thats just soo funny! happy Fischer was just weird tho.. .funny, but weird...
    anyways i wonder i anyone will reply to this?? maybe...
    ah well we'll see


  2. Aaaaaaaaah ! A place to comment ! I hope many people will comment !
    I loved the episode. Brennan was hilarious, and that last scene with the "you're welcome" just broke my heart :-( Poor Brennan !
    I'm enjoying the show, I'm spoiler free so I don't know anything, I'm just watching where the writers will lead us. I pray it will be awesome ! The 1st episode wasn't great, the second was good (Brennan saying she imagined Booth and herself together ??? GET OUT !!!) And now this one ... I love my Bones ^_^

  3. Chloes - where I can stream Season 6 so I can partake in episode discussions. I live in the UK and it isn't scheduled to start here until January 2011!!

  4. Gemma: I'm from Guatemala, and I have to watch it online as well. These are pretty good sites:

    I'd go crazy if I had to wait that long for new episodes!
    I liked this episode. I just still feel uncomfortable with how Booth's acting. Especially about how he seems to be rushing in to his thing with Hannah. Hate the bedroom scenes. Finally, love Emily D! Her facial expressions and acting have been impecable. I really feel like crying for Brennan!

  5. Thanks Deborah will give it a go!!!

  6. gemma try thats where i get my dose of bones am in scotland

  7. I'm from France, and I don't know if we'll ever get the 6th season. They're just showing season 5 now .... So I watch on and it works like a gem !

  8. ah that sucks gemma... i use
    as well... January is a long time to wait so hope you can get your fix here!
    its soo cool everyone here is international!

    i agree deborah, booth is just annoying me with hannah, i think we're just so unused to his separation from bones, since that was all he talked about for so long. and yea the bedroom scenes just make me feel.. awkward, and angry. I hope they stop putting them in... i loved the whole phone thing and yea ED's facial expressions have been so good this season so far especially. I mean theyve ALWAYS been amazing but...
    Does anyone else think theyre making a huge thing with the leaving Bones along at the end of the episode? it's happened twice now, and always makes me soo sad!
    sorry i talk a lot :D

  9. Thanks for all of your suggestions have now managed to catch up. What were my views of this episode...... I liked the case although season 6 as with 4 & 5 is not on par with early bones ( I miss the great cases the early seasons gave us). The whole Hannah thing I find a bit weird, sort of forced as if we all know it's being done to keep B & B apart and the ratings high. Have to say though Booth did not seem so OK with the Hannah situation in this episode has he has previously, a tinge of doubt me hopes. Why is Brennan not doing the interegation with Booth anymore, I miss that....